For Dareboost API PHP library v0.5.
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For Dareboost API PHP library v0.5.

You have 3 files: DareboostBase is for call the API... DareboostAPI is the list of functions available with the API (see DareboostCustomAPI is a list of custom functions i need.

Define your dareboost token api on your config/app.php DAREBOOST_KEY

Then, use like this: use DareboostPHP\DareboostBase; use DareboostPHP\DareboostAPI; use DareboostPHP\DareboostCustomAPI;

$api = new DareboostCustomAPI(config("app.DAREBOOST_KEY"));

//Launch Analysis

$params = array("url"=>"");

$json = $api->analysisLaunch($params);

//Get a result from a url $tab = $api->getAnalysisReportForUrl("");

Take care with this error: Too many simultaneous analysis. You have reached the maximum number of simultaneous analysis for your profile. You can upgrade your offer or wait until the current analysis is completed.