Exploration of major new features of Java 8
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What's new in Java 8

This project explores major new features of Java 8.

Note: The master branch contains code that compiles with the JDK jdk-8-ea-bin-b92-windows-x64-30_may.exe.


Project Lambda - JSR 335

  • org.isk.lambda.old: Getting a sub-list from a predefined condition.
  • org.isk.lambda.sams: Getting a sub-list from an undefined condition using Fonctional Interfaces.
  • org.isk.lambda.references: Using the sort() method of ArrayList with a reference of a static method
  • org.isk.lambda.functions: Using Functional Interfaces from the package java.util.function.
  • org.isk.lambda.stream: Exploring few method of the new Stream interface.

Date and Time - JSR 310

Nashorn - JEP 174

####Invoking JavaScript from Java org.isk.nashorn.NashornTest and /src/test/resources/simple.js

####Invoking Java from JavaScript <project_path>/src/test/resources: jjs_*.js

To execute theses 4 scripts, you need to use jjs provided by the JDK8.


<project_path>/src/test/resources$ jjs jjs_Packages.js