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A PHP parser for TOML
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TOML parser for PHP

A PHP parser for TOML compatible with TOML v0.4.0.

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Requires PHP >= 7.1.

Use Composer to install this package:

composer require yosymfony/toml


You can parse an inline TOML string or from a file:

To parse an inline TOML string:

use Yosymfony\Toml\Toml;

$array = Toml::Parse('key = [1,2,3]');


To parse a TOML file:

$array = Toml::ParseFile('example.toml');


Additionally, methods parse and parseFile accept a second argument called resultAsObject to return the result as an object based on stdClass.

$object = Toml::Parse('key = [1,2,3]', true);


You can create a TOML string with TomlBuilder. TomlBuilder uses a fluent interface for more readable code:

    use Yosymfony\Toml\TomlBuilder;

    $tb = new TomlBuilder();

    $result = $tb->addComment('Toml file')
        ->addValue('name', "Toml", 'This is your name')
        ->addValue('newline', "This string has a \n new line character.")
        ->addValue('winPath', "C:\\Users\\nodejs\\templates")
        ->addValue('literal', '@<\i\c*\s*>') // literals starts with '@'.
        ->addValue('unicode', 'unicode character: ' . json_decode('"\u03B4"'))

        ->addValue('t', true)
        ->addValue('f', false)

        ->addValue('positive', 25, 'Comment inline.')
        ->addValue('negative', -25)

        ->addValue('positive', 25.25)
        ->addValue('negative', -25.25)

        ->addValue('datetime', new \Datetime())

        ->addComment('Related to arrays')

        ->addValue('simple', array(1,2,3))
        ->addValue('multiple', array(
            array('abc', 'def'),
            array(1.1, 1.2),
            array(true, false),
            array( new \Datetime()) ))

        ->addComment('Array of tables')

        ->addArrayOfTable('fruit')                            // Row
            ->addValue('name', 'apple')
                ->addValue('name', 'red delicious')
                ->addValue('name', 'granny smith')
        ->addArrayOfTable('fruit')                            // Row
            ->addValue('name', 'banana')
                ->addValue('name', 'plantain')
        ->getTomlString();    // Generate the TOML string

The result:

#Toml file

name = "Toml" #This is your name
newline = "This string has a \n new line character."
winPath = "C:\\Users\\nodejs\\templates"
literal = '<\i\c*\s*>'
unicode = "unicode character: δ"

t = true
f = false

positive = 25 #Comment inline.
negative = -25

positive = 25.25
negative = -25.25

datetime = 2013-06-10T21:12:48Z

#Related to arrays

simple = [1, 2, 3]
multiple = [[1, 2], ["abc", "def"], [1.1, 1.2], [true, false], [2013-06-10T21:12:48Z]]

# Array of tables

    name = "apple"

        name = "red delicious"

        name = "granny smith"

    name = "banana"

    name = "plantain"


The TomlBuilder class is an utility to get Toml strings that has the following limitations:

  • Only admits basic strings and literal strings.

Deprecated method

The following method will be eliminated in version 2.0.0

  • [TomlBuilder] addArrayTables


When Contributing code to this library, you must follow its coding standards. Toml follows PSR-2 coding style. To ensure the CS, you can use the CLI tool PHP-CS-Fixer.

Unit tests

You can run the unit tests with the following command:

$ cd toml
$ composer test


This library is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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