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Sci blog is jekyll theme created by Air Raya.


Unless otherwise noted, this theme is released under MIT licence.


Thank you so much for providing free resources and inspirations

Getting Started

To use this template, you can download it here. To install jekyll and this theme

  1. type on search cmd.exe or command prompt
  2. In C:\Users\my pc\desktop\blog>
  3. Install ruby by going to to download
  4. When installing ruby, make sure to check add ruby executables to your PATH
  5. Install jekyll C:\Users\my pc\desktop\blog\gem install jekyll
  6. Create jekyll theme C:\Users\my pc\desktop\blog\jekyll new my-awesome-site
  7. Go to blog my-awesome-site C:\Users\my pc\desktop\blog>cd my-awesome-site
  8. Preview your blog C:\Users\my pc\desktop\blog\my-awesome-site>jekyll serve
  9. Now browse to http://localhost:4000
  10. Alternatively, you can download my jekyll theme here
  11. click download zip and unzip it.
  12. You can copy and paste everything inside to blog folder in desktop such as C:\Users\my pc\desktop\blog>
  13. Install jekyll-paginate C:\Users\my pc\desktop\blog>gem install jekyll-paginate
  14. Preview the blog and make changes C:\Users\my pc\desktop\blog>jekyll serve
  15. Now browse to http://localhost:4000

Bugs and Issues

Have a bug or an issue with this template? Please contact our team or fork and contribute.


Sci blog theme was created by and is maintained by Air Raya, at Air Raya.

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Copyright and License

Copyright 2015 AIR RAYA GROUP. The work is licenced under MIT license.