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An open source project. Mission Statement Open-Sourced Bitcoin Technology

At, we believe Bitcoin is the foundation to a brighter future. We are creating decentralized solutions for communication, trade, and data management. Our mission is to facilitate connections directly between individuals, bypassing the need for intermediaries and empowering anyone to use resources to build Your own products and services. We're dedicated to crafting a platform that is not only secure and transparent but also universally accessible, enhancing development efficiency and fostering stable advancements within the Bitcoin ecosystem. is an open-source endeavor, inviting everyone to download, modify, enhance, and contribute, ensuring that everything we do is truly owned by You, the creator.

Our Vision:

  • To achieve seamless integration of services within the Bitcoin ecosystem, enhancing cross-platform interoperability.
  • To create an environment where creatives, developers, and entrepreneurs can thrive and contribute.
  • To offer an intuitive products and tooling that welcomes newcomers, allowing them to tap into the vast possibilities Bitcoin offers, irrespective of their investment or pre-conceived idea about what Bitcoin is.
  • To ensure all data on is securely stored on Bitcoin and retrievable directly from the blockchain, promoting transparency and interoperability.
  • To enable direct user interactions, communication, and trading with the innovative use of Bitcoin transactions, eliminating or minimizing the need for third-parties.

Get Involved:

You can be a part of the Hyperbitcoinization movement by visiting the GitHub repository:

Together, we can make Bitcoin great again.

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