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Java bot that sits on your teamspeak3 server 24/7 to collect data about your clients every 5 minutes in order to generate fancy stats :)

See yugecin/tsstats-webviewer for a web based viewer of these stats.



  • This was made in the summer of 2014, and most parts have been left untouched since then. Expect weird code styles.
  • On some systems, this likes to crash. On my raspberry pi it crashes sometimes, so I let it restart automatically using a cronjob every 6 hours. On a friend's server, it crashed constantly. On my vps, the last restart was in september so it has been running for 7 months now. See for yourself what you need. (By crashing I mean the client times out, but the process stays active. Haven't really looked into that.)


  • Teamspeak server query login with some permissions < TODO (make sure it gets passed the flood/spam filter, adding the ip/hostname to your server's query_ip_whitelist.txt might be a good idea)
  • Some java runtime
  • MySQL/MariaDB


  • Get a database and import tsstats.sql
  • Copy tsstats.sample.ini to tsstats.ini and edit everything as needed
  • For the db user, it only needs SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE privileges, but ALTER might be useful if some structures ever change (probably not)
  • Start the bot (nohup java -jar tsstats.jar& on a unix system)
  • Optionally: make a cron job to restart the bot (see notes)

Getting query login details

  • Connect to you ts server
  • (Make sure you have enough permissions)
  • Tools > ServerQuery Login
  • Enter a username (this will be your queryuser)
  • A password will be generated (this will be your querypass)

Getting the bot to show in your client

  • If you toolbar is hidden, right-click the menu and click 'Toolbar'
  • Right-click the toolbar and click 'Customize Toolbar'
  • Find 'Toggle ServerQueryClients' in the left list and select it
  • Press the arrow pointed to the right to add that action to the toolbar and close the dialog
  • Press the 'Toggle ServerQueryClients' button (the blue S) to unhide server query clients.
  • (permissions!)


Your server query login is you! If you demote a query user that uses your credentials (i.e. the statsbot), then you are demoting yourself! Don't mess with a query user's servergroup.