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Grifter - The Gallery Module Stealer

This is HIGHLY experimental and probably shouldn't be installed, just saying.

This package is not published to NPM yet, since it's highly specific and still under development


Clone this repo, then sudo npm link (probably best to do it this way)


Create a .grifter.json file under $HOME similar to this:

    "master": "git@github.com:yui/yui3-gallery.git"

Authenticate with both the API and Github with yogi:

// api auth
yogi login

// github auth
yogi gh

Your API tokens will be stored in .yogi.json.


You must have authenticatd with yogi before doing this. (yogi login and yogi gh)

mkdir ~/tmp/gallery-build
cd ~/tmp/gallery-build

// test-run for the build

// build and post results to api
grifter --post

In order to successfully run grifter --post, you will need to have both .grifter.json and .yogi.json in your path! You can optionally merge .yogi.json into .grifter.json.

What it does

grifter attempts to do the following:

  • Query the Gallery CDN Queue API (yogi cdn queue)
  • Assemble the URL's and Paths to the modules with that data
  • Batch fetch the module files from GitHub
  • Build a proper filesystem (based on YUI) from the remote files
  • Walks each changed module and runs a custom yogi build --test
  • Stores all the output into log files.
  • Collects all the logs an mixed that into a JSON blob.
  • Zips up the results into a valid CDN deployment
  • Checks the changes into the provided GIT repo
  • Posts the data back to the Gallery API (if --post is passed)

This is what we currently use to publish the Gallery builds weekly.


A lot of this could potentially be rebuilt into grunt tasks and this is what I recommend.