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Tools and utilities for development, typically with ROS build environments.
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Yujin Tools

Utilies for yujin development. These are system tools (i.e. not deployed within a ros environment).


  • Workspace Tools
  • yujin_tools_settings : configure the rosdistro and rosinstall database the yujin tools should work with.
  • yujin_init_workspace : easy rosinstaller, drop in a listed rosinstall from the yujin tools rosinstall database.
  • yujin_init_build : configure a build dir and populate with environment startup scripts (esp. useful for parallel builds)
  • yujin_make : catkin_make on drugs
  • Rocon
  • avahi-browse-concerts
  • avahi-browse-multimaster
  • masteruri : quickly switch between ROS_MASTER_URI's (e.g. . masteruri 2 -> 11312)
  • General Purpose
  • yujin_list_git_branches : list branches of all rosinstalls in a ros source workspace.



> sudo apt-get install python-pip
> sudo pip install --upgrade yujin_tools


yujin_tools_settings, yujin_init_workspace, yujin_init_buld, yujin_make


Allows checking and switching of ROS_MASTER_URI's on localhost.

# To check the current value:
> masteruri
# To switch
> . masteruri 2
> masteruri


Use in the src directory of a catkin_make/yujin_make installed source workspace populated with git clones. This will list the branches in each and highlight the currently used branch.


This is a nice tool from It will let you easily visualise your bitbucket repos (doesn't have a network visualiser like github). To view the current workign directory's git repo in chrome, firefox:

> git-big-picture -v google-chrome
> git-big-picture -v firefox 

You can also make a git alias for it:

> git config --global alias.bp "big-picture -v google-chrome"
> git bp

Developing & Packaging

For the yujin guys: > sudo apt-get install python-stdeb > git clone > cd yujin_tools

  • make some changes
  • bump the version in
  • add a note to the Changelog

Finally, upload

> make release

See Daniel if you need permissions for uploading.

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