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Python module for Amazon Product Advertising API.
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Python + Amazon = Pyzon

This is a Python module which let you use Amazon Product Advertising API.

How to use

Import Pyzon from and put Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, and Associate Tag to the class object.:

from pyzon import Pyzon

access_key_id = '***'
secret_access_key = '***'
associate_tag = '***-22'

pyzon = Pyzon(access_key_id, secret_access_key, associate_tag)
pyzon.setLocale('JP') # JP, US, UK, DE, FR, CA

The instance of Pyzon has some methods to access Product Advertising API. Each method accesses to corresponding API and returns the response XML as string object.

  • BrowsNodeLookup
  • CartAdd
  • CartClear
  • CartCreate
  • CartGet
  • CartModify
  • CustomerContentLookup
  • CustomerContentSearch
  • Help
  • ItemLookup
  • ItemSearch
  • ListLookup
  • ListSearch
  • SellerListingLookup
  • SellerListingSearch
  • SellerLookup
  • SimilarityLookup
  • TagLookup
  • TransactionLookup
  • VehiclePartLookup
  • VehiclePartSearch
  • VehicleSearch

Each API methods has several required and optional arguments. Required arguments are represented in terms_connected_with_underscore manner, and the others are same to original API call. For example, speaking of ItemSearch API, SearchIndex is required by Amazon so it described as search_index and remaining optional parameters, such as Keywords and ResponseGroup are Keywords and ResponseGroup respectively:

xml = pyzon.ItemSearch(search_index='Books', Keywords=u'初めてのPython')

Speaking of ItemLookup, ItemId is mandatory:

xml = pyzon.ItemLookup(item_id=487311393938)


MIT Licence

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