Hearts card game with HTML5
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Hearts with HTML5

You can try the game at http://hearts.yjyao.com/


The Ai.js class can use various Brains to make decision.

  • Brain.js: Base class for all brains
  • AsyncBrain.js: A wrapper to call the more time-consuming brains via web-worker
  • SimpleBrain.js: Simple greedy heuristics
  • McBrain.js: One-step look-ahead with sample generation and deterministic rollouts based on the assumption that all players use the simple greedy strategy
  • PomDPBrain.js: assuming all other players to be playing using the greedy strategy, the game can then be formulated as a POMDP and can thus be solved with the POMCP Algorithm. This brain implements the POMCP algorithm.


  1. Port McBrain and PomDPBrain to C++, which can be compiled to asm.js for better performance
  2. Multi-player support