A simple, beautiful podcast app for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
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(formerly Cumulonimbus)

A simple, beautiful podcast app.

NOTE: CPod is a work in progress. Please expect bugs (and feel free to contribute!).

A review by OMG! Ubuntu!: A Terrific Podcast Client with a Terrible Name



Get the latest releases.

Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Install for development

  1. Have Node.js, Yarn, and gulp-cli installed (as well as libdbus-1-dev if you are on Linux and want MPRIS integration), and cd to the repo directory.
  2. Run yarn to install npm dependencies.
  3. Run gulp to compile and concatenate JS, SCSS, Pug, and what have you (or gulp both to also watch for changes).
  4. Run yarn start to start CPod.

Be sure not to work on all.js or on any of the compiled .html or .css files when there is a .pug or .scss counterpart, respectively.


  1. Follow steps 0 to 2 in Install for development
  2. (Only if libdbus-1-dev not installed) Set temporary environment variable: ELECTRON_BUILDER_ALLOW_UNRESOLVED_DEPENDENCIES=true
  3. Run yarn dist

The binary/installer will be in the dist directory.