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React native rsa crypto lib

The use case

Initially this was created for encrypted messaging

Client would generate RSA key pairs and store private key locally and share the public key.

How to use

npm install react-native-rsa

Generate RSA keys

var RSAKey = require('react-native-rsa');
const bits = 1024;
const exponent = '10001'; // must be a string. This is hex string. decimal = 65537
var rsa = new RSAKey();
rsa.generate(bits, exponent);
var publicKey = rsa.getPublicString(); // return json encoded string
var privateKey = rsa.getPrivateString(); // return json encoded string


var rsa = new RSAKey();
var originText = 'sample String Value';
var encrypted = rsa.encrypt(originText);


var decrypted = rsa.decrypt(encrypted); // decrypted == originText

Tested works with ursa in nodejs (with ursa padding set to PKCS1).


This lib uses Tom Wu's jsbn

TODO: Still missing export to PEM format

Known issues:

  • Node js may complain about 'window' is not defined. I just commented out the 'window' related codes in rng.js and it worked. (It look like just adding some extra randomness. Should still work without that part). I don't recommend using this lib in nodejs. I use ursa or node-rsa lib for nodejs.