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Project SONO will be THAT unique Crypto platform. It's coin is a PoW/PoS/MN hybrid crypto currency. It uses the self developed "SonoA" hashing algorithm.
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The SONO project is an endeavor created and managed by young entrepreneurs who wish to spread the word of cryptocurrency and fulfill the potential decentralized currencies can bring. The SONO project is an aggregate of multiple teams working on an entire ecosystem that will make it possible for your average member of society to learn and understand what cryptocurrency is and what it is able to offer.

Coin Informations

Name: Project SONO

Ticker: SONO

Algorithm: SonoA

Block Time: 30 seconds

Masternode Collateral: 1000 Coins

Proof of Work Reward: 2 Coins

Proof of Stake Reward: 40% APR

Masternode Reward: 25% of each block

Official Links

Official Website:

Official Twitter:

Discord Server:


SonoA Miners





crex24 Trading pair SONO/BTC -



Mining Patriot





SonoA is a hashing algorithm, developed by zPools. It hash through 17 SHA3 candidates. Other than other x-styled algorithm, it may use a algorithm more than one time. Following algorithm are used within SonoA:

  • blake
  • bmw
  • groestl
  • jh
  • keccak
  • skein
  • luffa
  • cubehash
  • shavite
  • simd
  • echo
  • hamsi
  • fugue
  • shabal
  • whirlpool
  • sha2
  • haval

It is inspired by X11 and X17, but unlike x11, it is not mineable by ASICS. We can't promise it will never be mineable with ASIC, because the development of those are very advanced. But it should withstand them a while.

SonoA is a perfect compromise between secure hashing and still delivering enough hashrate to maintain a 30 sec blocktime.

Useful Links

Phyton Hashing Module

NOMP (Pool)

Masernode Guide

Do you want to contribute?

We always look for improvements of our wallet. Here are some task we may need help with

  • CPU load reduction
  • Memory load reduction
  • Merge to the latest LevelDB
  • Build improvements for MAC
  • Build improvements for FreeBSD & Arch Linux
  • Support for ARM
  • Language change
  • Faster chain sync, special when the chain grows bigger and bigger
  • IOS and Android wallet

If you have any other ideas to improve the wallet, please share them! They are welcome!

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