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Installation from sources on Windows


  • Git
  • Jupyter
  • Visual Studio

Compile ICsharp

Get the sources from Github (including submodules):

git clone --recursive

Open the solution iCSharp.sln in Visual Studio. Switch the configuration to Release. Build the Solution.

Add ICsharp to the kernel list.

Open the file kernel-spec/kernel.json. Modify the <INSTALL_PATH> in the following line to match the PATH were you compiled ICsharp:

"argv": ["<INSTALL_PATH>/icsharp/Kernel/bin/Release/iCSharp.Kernel.exe", "{connection_file}"],

Inside the icsharp directory containing the code, run:

jupyter kernelspec install kernel-spec --name=csharp

This command copies the kernel-spec directory in your ProgramData\Jupyter\kernels\ where Jupyter looks for kernels, and renames it as csharp. Check that csharp is listed in:

jupyter kernelspec list

Now just launch jupyter notebook and C# will be available in the Kernel list once you opened a notebook.

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