A small lib of FP, Node, and DOM utils.
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A small lib of Node, string, and DOM utils.

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zeelib is a collection of over 250 utility functions. See the docs for details.

Example usage:

import z from 'zeelib'
// require also works:
const z = require('zeelib')

// named imports work:
import { exit, getArgs } from 'zeelib'
// or with require:
const { exit, getArgs } = require('zeelib')

// but i highly recommend importing individual functions:
import getArgs from 'zeelib/lib/get-args'
import exit from 'zeelib/lib/exit'
// or with require:
const getArgs = require('zeelib/lib/get-args')
const exit = require('zeelib/lib/exit')

if (!module.parent) {
  const args = getArgs()
  if (!args.length) {
    console.log('Usage: my-thing some-command')

If you're not importing just the functions you need (and you should be!), you may have problems with front-end builds. Try something like this (assuming a Webpack config):

node: {
  fs: 'empty',
  net: 'empty',
  tls: 'empty',
  readline: 'empty',
  child_process: 'empty'