Support for relative rating systems à la Elo
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Relative is a Clojure library supporting relative rating systems such as Elo or TrueSkill.

[relative "0.1.2"]


Relative currently supports two rating engines: Elo (relative.elo/elo-engine) and TrueSkill (relative.trueskill/trueskill-engine).

Both engines implement the same protocol, IRelativeRatingEngine, and support the following functions:

(player [engine map])

Creates a player data structure that implements IRelativelyRatedPlayer. A call to rating should return that player's current rating.

(match [engine winner loser])

Represents a match played against two players, and returns a vector pair of updated players given the outcome of the match.

(match-quality [engine p1 p2])

This returns a match quality score given a hypothetical match between two players. A high quality match is considered to be a match where there is a high likelihood of a draw.

(serialize [engine entities])

Serializes a sequence of player entities into a string representation that could be stored.

(resurrect [engine serialized])

Returns a sequence of player entities based on the serialized form.


(ns elo-example
  (:require [relative.elo :as elo])
  (:use relative.rating))

;; We'll use the Elo engine
(def elo-engine (elo/elo-engine))

;; Create two players with default ratings of 1500.
(def player1 (player elo-engine {:id "Zach"}))
(def player2 (player elo-engine {:id "James"}))

(rating player1) ;; => 1500

;; player1 wins the first match.
(match elo-engine player1 player2) ;; => [{:id "Zach" :rating 1516.0}
                                   ;;     {:id "James" :rating 1484.0}]

(rating player1) ;; => 1516.0

;; player2 wins the second match.
(match elo-engine player2 player1) ;; => [{:id "James" :rating 1501.4695}
                                   ;;     {:id "Zach" :rating 1498.5305}]