The Intelligent Pixel is a single cell that lives in Conway's cellular automaton known as Game of Life. It attempts to live by consuming cells, but may die from being consumed itself.
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The Intelligent Pixel

###Overview The purpose of this project is to extend the range of knowledge in the processes around simple survival strategies, and the results are delivered in both visual and summary of statistics. The standard way of thinking about a survival strategy has been oriented around short term goals and benefits seen in natural environments with natural beings. However, Machine Learning and Predictive Data Analytics, the rational decisions of choosing paths(plans) to target features can be rationalized further into the future with greater detail and certainty. With particular environments and agents, a simulation can accelerate our understanding of the issues of synonymous situations in the real world. To keep things simple for now, one arbitrary environment(Game of Life) and agent(Intelligent Pixel) will be studied.

###Getting started This project is written in python, specifically using python version 3.4.

Have python3.4 and sqlite3 installed. If you have pip and pip3 installed, then the ./ script will finish getting the modules, and setup the DB.

The modules required to execute this project are:

  • pip
  • sqlite3
  • queue
  • PIL
  • tkinter