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Zadarma API - User class

An official PHP class for work with Zadarma API.

Allows to work with all API methods (including VoIP, PBX, CallBack etc).


  • PHP >= 5.3.0
  • cURL

How to use?

An official documentation on Zadarma API is here.

Keys for authorization are in personal account.


Via Сomposer

composer require "zadarma/user-api-v1"

or just add this line to your composer.json file:


Via Git

git clone

Or just download "Client.php" from the folder "lib" and put it to your library folder.

Code example


include_once '/PATH/TO/lib/Client.php';
// include_once '/PATH/TO/vendor/autoload.php'; // or the path to your "vendor" autoload file

$params = array(
    'id' => 'YOURSIP',
    'status' => 'on'

$zd = new \Zadarma_API\Client(YOUR_KEY, YOUR_SECRET);
- METHOD - a method API, started from /v1/ and ended by '/';
- PARAMS_ARRAY - an array of parameters to a method;
- FORMAT: json (default), xml;
- IS_AUTH: true (default), false - is method under authentication or not.
$answer = $zd->call('/v1/sip/redirection/', $params, 'put');

$answerObject = json_decode($answer);

if ($answerObject->status == 'success') {
    echo 'Redirection on your SIP "' . $answerObject->sip . " has been changed to " . $answerObject->current_status . ".";
} else {

All other examples you can see in the "examples" folder.