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  1. 'cd' to the directory which includes 'Makefile'
  2. Type 'make' to compile

How to run

By default settings, Ray will consume 10 seconds each move on a single CPU and require 800MB of memory.


Ray has some options :

Setting the total number of playouts per move (3000 PO/move). Default is 10000.

./ray --playout 3000

Ray plays with time settings 30:00 (1800 seconds).

./ray --time 1800       

Ray runs on 13x13. Default is 19x19 (Maximum is also 19x19). You can ignore it if GTP sends 'boardsize' command.

./ray --size 13         

Ray considers 5 seconds each move.

./ray --const-time 5

Setting the number of threads. Default is 1 (Maximun is 32).

./ray --thread 4

Setting komi value. Default is 6.5. You can ignore this command if GTP sends 'komi' command.

./ray --komi 7.5        

Setting the number of handicap stones for test. This makes Ray ignore komi command from GTP.

./ray --handicap 4      

This makes Ray use subtree if it exist. Default is off. This command saves Ray's remaining time.

./ray --reuse-subtree   

This makes Ray think during the opponent's turn. (Automatically, this command turns 'reuse-subtree mode' on)

./ray --pondering

Setting the number of uct nodes. Default is 16384. If you want to run Ray with many threads and a long time setting, I recommend you to use this command. The number of nodes must be 2^n.

./ray --tree-size

Ray never print Ray's log.

./ray --no-debug        

Ray avoids positional-superko move.

./ray --superko         


Playing with 4 sec/move with 8 threads

./ray --const-time 4 --thread 8

Playing with 1000 playouts/move with 1 threads

./ray --playout 1000

Playing with 16 threads and 65536 uct nodes. Time setting is 30 minutes. Ray thinks during the opponent's turn.

./ray --time 1800 --thread 16 --tree-size 65536 --pondering


Ray is distributed under the BSD License. Please see the "COPYING" file.


rayauthor19x19@gmail.com (Yuki Kobayashi)