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TMGMT Zanata

TMGMT Zanata is a plugin for Drupal's Translation Management Module TMGMT. The plugin can send content to a configured Zanata project for translation, and can download translations as they are ready. Zanata is a web-based system for translators, content creators and developers to manage localisation projects (see


This module requires TMGMT module to be installed.


Place the module directory in your usual Drupal modules directory.

Activate the module through the Drupal administration interface, or whichever way you prefer to activate modules.


After installing and activating the module, the plugin needs some details about your Zanata user and the project on Zanata. You can set these on the translator configuration page.

You will need a free Zanata account, and a project with at least one version.

  • To get a Zanata account, see Signing Up.
  • For instructions on finding your API key, see "User Configuration" on the Configure the Client help page.
    • User settings are accessed through the Dashboard.
    • Note that you do not need to create any config files for this plugin.
  • For help creating a project, see Project Creation.
  • For help creating a version, see Version Creation.

To open the translator configuration page, navigate to the list of translators via Administration -> Configuration -> Regional and language -> Translation management translators, find the Zanata translator in the table, and click edit.


Once the plugin has been configured, content can be sent to Zanata for translation. Note that content must have an English locale to be a source language for Zanata - make sure it is not "Language Neutral" or it will not be available for translation.

TMGMT uses translation jobs to request and keep track of translations.

To create a translation job:

  1. Select a source by either:

    • Through the admin menu, Translation -> Sources and select one or more sources.
    • For any node, select the translate tab and check one or more languages to translate to.
  2. Click Request Translation.

  3. Make sure "Zanata Translator" is the selected Translator (it can be moved to the top of the translator list in configuration).
  4. Press Submit to translator.

The progress of the translation job can be checked on the management page.

  1. Through the admin menu, open Translation -> Jobs.
  2. Next to your translation job, click manage.
  3. To fetch available translations on the Zanata server, click Update translation info.