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A proof-of-concept driver for the Kinect NUI Audio
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This is NUIse, a proof-of-concept driver for the NUI Audio device in the
Microsoft Kinect.

You must provide your own copy of the NUI Audio firmware, audios.bin.  The
build system includes script to download an Xbox360 firmware update package and
extract this file from the package, which currently requires Python, wget, and
the "unzip" commandline utility.  See
for more information.

Simply run "make" to compile (and obtain audios.bin), then "./nuise".  Press
Ctrl-C to stop recording.

NUIse dumps the four microphone streams to channel{1,2,3,4}.dat and whatever
noise-cancelled data may exist to cancelled.dat.  To process these raw dumps
into WAV files which you can play back in the audio player of your choice, run
"make wav" or "python"

This driver still leaves much to be desired (which is a nice way of saying it's
a terribly mess), but hopefully illustrates how to interact with the NUI Audio

Happy hacking!

-Drew Fisher (zarvox) <>

License: BSD 2-clause.  See the included LICENSE file.
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