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Knowledge Graph Forum

This repository is used for the call for sessions for the Knowledge Graph Forum.


The Knowledge Graph Forum is a place where companies can present their ongoing work and use cases in the field of knowledge graphs. The aim is to learn and benefit from the experiences and insights gained from their respective projects.

Each company will have 20 minutes to present their use case, followed by a 10-minute discussion. The presentations will focus on practical implementation. Sales presentations by vendors are explicitly not allowed.

The venue will provide an opportunity to network and discuss specific topics that may arise from the presentations.

The 2022 edition of the Knowledge Graph Forum will take place on September 29 2022 (Thursday). It will take place in Zurich, Switzerland at SIT Academy which kindly accommodates us (Area Viadukt/Industriequartier).

Registration for 2022: Eventfrog or Eventbrite

The program is very dense and very interesting, the following companies will present their use case:

  • BKW Energy (Peter Hutzli): KG for consistent Smart Meter Operations.
  • IKEA Systems (Katariina Kari): Semantic and transparent ETL pipelines.
  • Roche Pharma (Cedric Berger): Semantic Modeling of Organizational Knowledge as a Basis for Enterprise Data Governance 4.0.
  • CUI (Ashley Caselli): Semantic Regulation Compliance Checking: A real-world scenario involving urban underground data.
  • Ontopic (Benjamin Cogrel): Building a Virtual KG from sensor data using Ontop and the PostgreSQL ecosystem.
  • UBS (Ran Zucker): The role of KGs and the means of implementation in UBS.
  • derivo (Thorsten Liebig): KGs and Reasoning - What does it take to manage the complexity of real-world industry problems?
  • Siemens Smart Infrastructure (Maria Husmann): Enabling Large-Scale Data Integrity Checks for Building Automation and Control Systems.
  • La Mobilière (Adrian Meyer): Know your Data: A Graph based 360° Enterprise Data Catalog.
  • Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (Jerven Bolleman): UniProt: the largest public KG.
  • Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics(Jerven Bolleman): Federation: beyond the home organization.

Presentations 2019

The first edition 2019 was a great success, please see the separate page for links to videos & presentations (where available).

What we look for in the sessions

  • Real-world use cases of RDF-based Knowledge Graphs.
  • Any topic about scaling and using RDF in the real world. This includes prototypes, tools, libraries, etc.
  • Lessons learned in using RDF Knowledge Graphs in the real world. We also welcome things that did not work out and projects that failed!
  • If you are a consulting company, we prefer if your customer is doing the presentation.

What we do not look for

  • Sales pitches. You are welcome to present whatever you used to solve your problem but focus on the use-case itself and the way you approached it and less on software, especially when it is commercial.
  • Knowledge Graph Forum is strongly leaning towards RDF-based Knowledge Graphs. Other graph databases are of less interest.
  • No paper or research presentations, there are enough conferences for these topics already.


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