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VIZZable 2

Modular Video Plugins for Ableton Live

What is it?

VIZZable allows you to manipulate live and prerecorded video as part of an Ableton Live set. You can trigger clips, work with live cameras, experiment with effects, and it integrates happily with a broad range of video software using Syphon and Spout. It was created by Robert Jarvis of zeal co.

If you find VIZZable useful and want to shoot me some bucks you can do so here:


Minimum Requirements

  • Max 6.13
  • Ableton Live 9
  • Dedicated graphics highly recommended


Download from the releases link above ☝️


Place VIZZable folder anywhere on your hard drive. Drag plugins from the Ableton browser or your file system, into your live set.


Community support available through this google group:


There is a helpful Youtube Playlist here.


All the plugins have help associated in lives built-in help thingo. Video files should be in quicktime format. A good rule of thumb is to use the photoJPEG codec at 74% for the best compromise between quality and performance.


Chris Gough for his fantastic auto-connect system, preview windows and chain router device. Mike Todd, Fabrizio Poce, Leon Trimble, Ned Rush and everyone on the JitterInMax4Live group for their knowledge and enthusiasm. David Avila for his fantastic JS objects used in the Suprplayr. Stefan Brunner for his keen bug squashing. Wesley Smith for pouring his brain out on the cycling 74 forums. Sam Tarakajian for his unbelievably useful tutorials

This software is released for free. You are free to edit and/or redistribute it. You may not sell it, take credit for my work or redistribute it with out attribution. If you edit it and redistribute it you must let others do the same. If this software breaks your computer, it's not my fault. If it makes you rich and/or famous please buy me some land in Tasmania.

changes in 2.1.1

* fixed blue tint clipplayr issue
* fixed poor performance of clipplayr on some setups
* unfroze syphon devices to sidestep possible Max bug

changes in 2.1

* Autoconnect 2.0 implemented.  No longer need to specify an output. (Massive thanks to Chris Gough)
* Devices renamed and organised in folders.
* Previewr built in to VIEWR module
* preview windows optimised
* fixed a bug where auto-connect would stop working with long chains of fx
* Help text for all parameters
* Syphon implementation improved (thanks to cycling74's bug squashing efforts :)
* Removed recordr device - use syphon recorder on mac or FRAPS etc on Windows.

INPUT/clipPlayr (new)
	reads movie files dropped into clip slots.  
	Trigger video just as you do audio! 	

INPUT/ganzgraf (new)
	Port of the popular ganzgraf patch

	renamed from suprPlayr
	no longer sends error messages when loading an empty cell
	scrub and rate controls added

INPUT/midibar (new)
	new device similar to midigrid

	fixed a bug when running multiple instances
	improved performance especially at higher resolutions

	various bug fixes
	select chains with slider
	choose a chain by clicking a chain members' preview window

	mix modes added
MIX/oper8tr (new)
	blend two images together using different operations

MIX/chromakeyr (new)
	chromakeying effect

MIX/alphablendr (new)
	mixes between two video sources, depending on a third mask source

OUTPUT/syphout (new) (OSX only)
	new plugin, replaces the syphon VIEWR
	automatically generates unique server names so you can run multiple instances
	selectable output,  useful for feedback effects, syphout etc
	previwr built in and optimised to use its own shared context
	dimensions now save and load with set
	improved performance

FX/breathr (new)
	Thanks ManySounds on the google group

	renamed from suprbrcosr

	new cropping device

	crop mode
	improvements to the offset parameter
	fixed a bug with the anchor point in clamp mode

	set default shift to 0.