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Je suis un developpeyr Breton!

Gpair - Pair programming tool for git

gpair is a bash script that will help you to manage different identities for your commits with git (bazaar will be added soon).

RVM compatibility

You are using RVM? Then gpair can automagically switch to defined identity ! In a project, use gpair with forever option in order to create a .gpairrc file in your project:

$ pwd
$ gpair with john for company forever
John Doe and Guillaume Hain <>
$ cd ..
$ cd my_awesome_project
John Doe and Guillaume Hain <>


To install gpair, simply run:

$ bash < <( curl )

or do it manually:

$ mkdir "$HOME/.gpair"
$ cd "$HOME/.gpair"
$ git clone .
$ chmod +x "$PWD/install" && exec "$PWD/install"


First thing to do is to define who you are:

$ gpair whoami "Louis M. Wooten"

Now, you are ready to register your colleagues:

$ gpair new-colleague greg="Grégoire Clanton"

And profiles:

$ gpair new-profile durham
This wizard will help you to create the new profile durham.

Your email address will be used when working alone as the git author email address,
and also used to define the git author email address domain name when working with someone else.
For example:
Given your email address is, when you will work alone the git author email address
will be But if you are working with greg, the git author email address will

What is your email address for this profile? (i.e:

The given email address is made of several words.
The git author email address will not be like you'll expect when working with a colleague.
If you are working with greg, it will be
To fix that, you should provide me now an alias.
For example, you should use louis to set the git author email address to

Which alias would you like for this profile? (default: louis)

  When working alone the git author email address will be
  When working with greg the git author email address will be
Is this correct? [Yn]

Your new profile has been registered with the alias durham.
To use it: `gpair alone for durham` or `gpair with greg for durham`.

To get more help:

$ gpair help

And to see some usage examples:

$ gpair usage

A day with gpair

In order to work for different projects, companies, or at home
As a developer
I want to use gpair to change vcs configuration.
Given my name is "Louis M. Wooten"
And the following profiles exist:
  | alias  | email address                    |
  | github |           |
  | durham | |
  | home   |          |
And the following colleague exists:
  | alias | greg             |
  | name  | Grégoire Clanton |


Before to start to work, I'm going to update a file in a Github repository:

$ gpair alone for github

Then I will commit my changed file with:

Working time start

My colleague Grégoire Clanton joined me and we start to work together on a new feature for the project of our company DurhamTownhouse:

$  gpair with greg for durham

Now, my vcs configuration have changed to:


After a lot of work in the morning, I'm working alone on a bugfix:

$ gpair alone for durham

My vcs configuration have changed to:


Finally I'm now at home, and I'm making some funny stuff into my personal git repository hosted on my own server:

$ gpair alone for home

VCS configuration have changed to:


  • Do not override the git configuration file (.git/config) from the project's folder if exists
  • Implement email address format definition per profile (Change the default one 'dev+...+...@.....' to something else)
  • Edit, delete profile or colleague.


gpair is licensed under the GPLv3 License.