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Export events from Zeebe to Hazelcast
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Export events from Zeebe to Hazelcast. Hazelcast is an in-memory data grid which is used here as a message topic.

How it works

The exporter provides an easy way to connect multiple applications to Zeebe. For example, an application can use the exporter to send a notification when a new incident is created. Without the exporter, the application needs to implement its own exporter.


Java Application

Add the Maven dependency to your pom.xml


Connect to Hazelcast and register a listener

ClientConfig clientConfig = new ClientConfig();
HazelcastInstance hz = HazelcastClient.newHazelcastClient(clientConfig);

ITopic<byte[]> topic = hz.getTopic("zeebe-workflow-instances");
topic.addMessageListener(new WorkflowInstanceEventListener(event -> {
    // do something ...

You can use one of the following listeners:

  • WorkflowInstanceEventListener
  • DeploymentEventListener
  • JobEventListener
  • IncidentEventListener

C# Application

Add the nuget package zeebe hazelcast connector(???) to your project.

Example usage:

    // Start the Hazelcast Client and connect to an already running Hazelcast Cluster on
    var hz = HazelcastClient.NewHazelcastClient();
    // Get a Topic called "zeebe-deployments"
    var topic = hz.GetTopic<byte[]>("zeebe-deployments");

     // Add a Listener to the Topic
    DeploymentListener.Consumer consumer = (record) => Console.WriteLine(record.ToString());
    topic.AddMessageListener(new DeploymentListener(consumer));


Before you start the broker, copy the exporter JAR into the lib folder of the broker.

cp exporter/target/zeebe-hazelcast-exporter-%{VERSION}.jar ~/zeebe-broker-%{VERSION}/lib/

Register the exporter in the Zeebe configuration file ~/zeebe-broker-%{VERSION}/config/zeebe.cfg.toml.

id = "hazelcast"
className = "io.zeebe.hazelcast.exporter.HazelcastExporter"

Now start the broker and the applications.


In the Zeebe configuration file, you can change the topics where the events are published.

id = "hazelcast"
className = "io.zeebe.hazelcast.exporter.HazelcastExporter"

deploymentTopic = "zeebe-deployments"
workflowInstanceTopic = "zeebe-workflow-instances"
jobTopic = "zeebe-jobs"
incidentTopic = "zeebe-incidents"

How to build

Build with Maven

mvn clean install

Code of Conduct

This project adheres to the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code. Please report unacceptable behavior to

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