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@camunda-jenkins camunda-jenkins released this Feb 12, 2019 · 261 commits to develop since this release


Bug Fixes

  • broker:
    • reject deployment which contains at least one invalid resource (fd478adc)
    • ensure YAML transformation does not break the msgpack serialization (575178cf)
    • limit jobs in JobBatchRecord to 65Kb (6324a8e5)
    • reject create workflowinstance command when there is no none start event (7651fcc7)
    • expand log block index if capacity is reached (1b6adfeb)
    • fix state interference with processor (5b948b09)
    • ignore empty or invalid task headers (7cb055c8)
    • reject empty correlation key (879ae05a)
    • event-based gateways can't be triggered twice (e5c38366)
    • prevent canceling of element instances (a9b16ae0)
    • don't open subscription if incident is raised (6e2f3671)
    • save the last exported record position before closing the state * ensure the RocksDB directory is deleted (cd912d8f)
    • close gateway before service containers (cd74ac24)
    • ignore unreferenced messages in transformer (6c9f1035)
    • Convert numeric correlation key to string (953ec7b7)
    • add explicit endianness in logstream (d8dbd667)
    • avoid overflow on String16 type (bf2fb4cd)


  • broker:
    • add workflowInstanceKey to variable records (35b2f1e4)
    • unify lifecycle of flow elements (7c2589ab)
    • improve error reporting in gRPC API (c02e6d80)
    • added bpmn element type to WorkflowInstanceRecord (09e7e0c5)
    • export variable records to elasticsearch (f96aa8fc)
    • consistent and meaningful error message format (ff34a27a)
    • add list of variables to be fetched on activation to protocol (7a7d63ca)
    • added support for timeDate timer definitions (ae1823a0)
    • support timer start event (f28c318b)
    • support non-interrupting message boundary events (4fa149fb)
    • support message start events (2364e08c) (157e66e2)
    • write variable events (40b32063)
    • propagate variables on presence of out mappings (64f45fbe)
    • allow updating job retries in all job states (6e056f7f)
    • support non-interrupting timer boundary events (84313356)
    • allow non-strict condtions (c8f4480d)
    • provide integration test utitilities for exporter authors (5cbbcfc9)
    • adds a slew of Exporter test utilities (899221ea)
  • clients/go:
    • add optional list of variables to activate jobs/job worker (911aeea5)
    • Add omitempty-ignoring object marshaller method to go api (4823b42b)
  • clients/java:
    • add optional list of variables to activate jobs/job worker (6eabff25)
    • propagate job worker exception message to broker (23a70ea8)
  • clients/zbctl: set error message in fail command to stderr content (8f8b3889)
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