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EventEditor for Breath of the Wild


Install Python 3.6+ (64 bit version) and PyQt5, then run pip install eventeditor.

Auto completion

In order to enable auto completion for actors, actions and queries, add:


to EventEditor's configuration file, where /path/to/game_rom is a path such that /path/to/game_rom/Pack/Bootup.pack/Actor/AIDef/AIDef_Game.product.sbyml exists. An easy, recommended way to get the required file structure without extracting every archive is to use botwfstools.

The configuration file is stored:

  • On Linux or macOS: at ~/.config/eventeditor/eventeditor.ini
  • On Windows: at %APPDATA%/eventeditor/eventeditor.ini

Known issues

  • Unlinking events while in fork/join will break graph generation most of the time. So using that option is not recommended when fork/join events are involved.

What needs to be done

  • Timeline files (reverse engineering)

  • Collect event info from EventInfo and have a metadata file for each event flow, so that:

    • EventInfo can be automatically regenerated
    • All copies of an event flow can be automatically updated
  • Node order shuffling to get less crossings. This used to be a dagre.js feature but it got removed...


This software is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.