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Breath of the Wild object map.


  • Polished UI: clean BotW look.
  • Location texts
    • Show them at the correct level. (Location.mubin)
    • Map waypoints. (Static.mubin LocationPointer)
  • Common objects
    • groups:
      • Labo
      • Tower
      • ShopJewel, ShopColor, ShopYorozu, ShopBougu, ShopYadoya
      • Hatago, Village, CheckPoint, Castle
    • DLC shrines should have a different icon.
  • Shrine details
    • Shrine name
    • Shrine title
    • CDungeon number
    • All treasure chests
  • Search
    • search base locations too (no extra work required thanks to how LocationTags work)
    • object by ID
    • object by name (+ other filters?)
    • should work with chest contents, parameters, etc.
    • "Add to map"
    • "Remove from map" to exclude and hide some search results (suggested by Zant)
    • Show up to 2000 search results (suggested by Zant)
    • Color by actor type / by search result group (suggested by Zant)
  • Objects
    • Custom handling for:
      • weapons
      • enemies
      • RememberTag
      • rafts
      • cooking pots
      • Koroks:
        • TODO [low-priority] autogenerate information on puzzles if possible?
        • TODO [low-priority] show colors, leaf shapes using embedded UMii data?
      • treasure chests (show contents)
      • Goddess Statues
    • Presets
      • BTB Enemies
      • Launchable Objects
      • Treasure Chests
      • Arrows
    • Custom presets
    • Search query syntax documentation
    • Show all objects in area.
  • Object details
    • Respawn information, no-revival area...
    • Scaling information
    • Instance parameters
    • Generation group and links
    • Object shape
    • Object scale
  • Routes
  • Regions
    • Tower regions
    • Map areas (internal)
  • TODO Region details
    • TODO Climate information
    • TODO Autogen information
  • TODO Dynamic map data
    • TODO Scaling slider (to scale enemies, weapons, etc.)
    • Master Mode (auto rankup, Master Mode only actors)
    • One-Hit Obliterator challenge mode
    • Final boss placement mode
  • Polygon/line drawing
    • UI
    • Saving
    • Import/Export
    • Colors
  • Measuring
  • TODO Object tracking
    • TODO Track used objects.
    • TODO Have checklist views for shrines, locations, Korok seeds, etc.
      • TODO The shrine list should show name + title to easily see e.g. combat shrines at a glance.
      • TODO Sort by name optionally. For Korok seeds, sort by HashId.
      • TODO Group by region optionally
      • TODO See also object details
      • TODO For locations: locations that have save flags are trackable, those that don't appear by default and aren't trackable.


  • Integration with other tools/viewers for special objects, such as:
    • EventTag: open event flow in EventEditor (if it exists)
    • SignalFlowchart: same
    • TODO any actor with an event flow: same
  • TODO Autogen: link to EventEditor for AutoPlacement event flows.