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የቴክኖሎጂ ቃላቶች ትርጉም ከእንግሊዘኛ ወደ አማርኛ( Tech Terms English To Amharic )

License: MIT Stars Issues

ትርጉሙ በመሻሻል ላይ ላይ ያለ ስለሆነ የእናንተን እርዳታ እንሻለን 🙏።

(P) ያለባቸው ቃላቶች እንደ "PROPOSAL" ያቀረብናቸው ናቸው።

ይህ የ GitHub ኮድ "Repository" / ማከማቻ ቴክኖሎጅ ቀመስ ቃላትን ከእንግሊዘኛ ወደ አማርኛ ትርጉም የያዘ እና ሰዎችም የሚያቋቸውን የቴክኖሎጂ ቃላት አስትዋፅዖ እንዲያደርጉ በማሰብ የተሰራ ነው ። ከዚህ በፊት የአማርኛ ትርጉም ያላቸው መተግብሪዎች ላይ የሰሩ ስዎች አንዳንድ ቃላትን ወደ አማርኛ ፣ በተለይ ቴክኖሎጂ ነክ የሆኑ ቃላትን መለወጥ ያለውን ጫና ያቁታል ብለን አናስባለን ። ነገር ግን ትርጉማቸውን የምናቃቸውን ቃላት እዚህ ኮድ ማከማቻ ልይ በማስገባት ዕርስ በዕርስ መረዳዳት እንችላለን ።

Notice that this translation is a work in progress and your contirubtion is welcome.

Words that start with (P) are words that we Proposed to be used as translation.

This repository where people can contribute and also find tech terms translated from English to Amharic. Any one who have worked on systems that have Amharic translations know the pain of finding the right and correct Amharic term for certain English words, specially if they are technical words.

How It is structured 📝.

  • They are devided in categories.
    • Computer hardwares
    • Operating System parts
    • Smartphones
    • Software
  • Each section is ordered by alphabet.
  • Each category have a readme and a JSON file.

I.e) some of this terms might be related to one another , so there might be some collistions but we will try to keep those in separated as possible.

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Tech terms translation from english to amharic. The aim is to make amharic technology terms natural when used in technology.







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