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Reads an ePub document for iPad/ iPhone
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What happens when you load an Epub into a UITextView, look into the ** Experimental Branch


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Reads an ePub document for iPad/ iPhone

This is a very simple ePub Reader that will read some ePub files by parsing xml file.

Just drop in a ePub 3.0 file into the resources and should get it parsed and displayed to you.

It is better to download this ePub and add it to the project.

More on Epub 3.0 features here

Additional details.

  • Swipe to change chapters or tap on next and previous buttons.
  • There are text font size increase and decrese methods.
  • Day/Night reading Mode.
  • Search text on a current page.
  • Orientation support.
  • Minimal Pagination. -- Once the scrollstops, have to press the next button.

The app will rememeber the size of the text and mode selected.

If you add any enhancements to the existing code, please do those changes here as well.

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