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Converted the current project files to MSVC 11, and fixed the various configurations.
I don't have MSVC 10 at hand, but the same configuration fixes should be applied there.

@hintjens hintjens merged commit d8b5133 into zeromq:master Apr 1, 2013
The ZeroMQ project member

Awesome, thanks!


Thanks! I'll send a pull request with the fix for the czmq.sln multithreaded library type.


And using CMake to build libzmq (which is how I do it) you get libzmq-v90-mt-3_2_2.dll in the lib dir.

Any chance you'd be open to just using CMake to generate the VS files - it certainly makes maintaining consistency between builds on different versions of visual studio a lot easier.


libzmq uses it just for Windows AFAIK. Kind of weird, yes, but it doesn't seem to have been a problem.

The thing I hate about the pure MSVC solution files is that we have to maintain files for each version of VS we want to support. I'm stuck on MSVC 9.0 ATM, and now we have MSVC 11 .sln files. What about those on MSVC 10? Presumably that'll work with the MSVC 9.0 files, but for those that want to adjust and contribute using MSVC 10, it ends up being a pain. Is there better way to manage this will pure .sln files?

With CMake, we'd have a single source for all supported MSVC generators, but it has its own share of issues, and a reasonably steep learning curve.

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