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@sappo sappo released this Dec 13, 2017 · 1619 commits to master since this release

0MQ version 4.2.3 stable, released on 2017/12/13

  • API change: previously ZMQ_POLLOUT on a ZMQ_ROUTER socket returned always
    true due to how the type works. When ZMQ_ROUTER_MANDATORY is set, sending
    fails when the peer is not available, but ZMQ_POLLOUT always returns true
    anyway, which does not make sense. Now when ZMQ_ROUTER_MANDATORY is set,
    ZMQ_POLLOUT on a ZMQ_ROUTER will return true only if at least one peer is
    Given ZMQ_POLLOUT with ZMQ_ROUTER was not usable at all previously, we do
    not consider this a breakage warranting a major or minor version increase.

  • ZMQ_IDENTITY has been renamed to ZMQ_ROUTING_ID and ZMQ_CONNECT_RID has been
    renamed to ZMQ_CONNTECT_ROUTING_ID to disambiguate. ZMQ_IDENTITY and
    ZMQ_CONNECT_RID are still available to keep backward compatibility, and will
    be removed in a future release after further advance notice.

  • DRAFT API change: zmq_poller_wait, zmq_poller_wait_all and zmq_poller_poll
    have been changed to be inline with other existing APIs that have a timeout
    to return EAGAIN instead of ETIMEDOUT as the errno value.
    See #2713 for details.

  • Existing non-DRAFT socket types ZMQ_REP/REQ, ZMQ_ROUTER/DEALER and
    ZMQPUB/SUB, that were previously declared deprecated, have been reinstated
    as stable and supported. See #2699 for details.

  • Tweetnacl: add support for, and use preferably if available, getrandom() as
    a simpler and less error-prone alternative to /dev/urandom on OSes where it
    is available (eg: Linux 3.18 with glibc 2.25).

  • Curve: all remaining traces of debug output to console are now removed, and
    new DRAFT events are available to properly debug CURVE, PLAIN, GSSAPI and
    ZAP events and failures. See below for details on the new events.

  • New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) socket options:

      the corresponding GSSAPI features. Additional definitions for principal
      name types:
        See doc/zmq_gssapi.txt for details.
    • ZMQ_BINDTODEVICE (Linux only), which will bind the socket(s) to the
      specified interface. Allows to use Linux VRF, see:
      NOTE: requires the program to be ran as root OR with CAP_NET_RAW
    • ZMQ_ZAP_ENFORCE_DOMAIN, enables strict RFC 27 compatibility mode and makes
      the ZAP Domain mandatory when using security. See:
      See doc/zmq_setsockopt.txt and doc/zmq_getsockopt.txt for details.
  • New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) context options:

      to add and remove CPUs to the affinity set of the I/O threads. Useful to pin
      the background threads to specific CPUs.
    • ZMQ_THREAD_NAME_PREFIX (Posix only), to add a specific integer prefix to the
      background threads names, to easily identify them for debugging purposes.
      See doc/zmq_ctx_set.txt and doc/zmq_ctx_get.txt for details.
  • New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) message property name definitions to facilitate
    the use of zmq_msg_gets:

      See doc/zmq_msg_gets.txt for details.
  • New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) API zmq_socket_get_peer_state, to be used to
    query the state of a specific peer (via routing-id) of a ZMQ_ROUTER socket.

  • New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) Socket Monitor events:

    • ZMQ_EVENT_HANDSHAKE_FAILED_NO_DETAIL, unknown system error and returns errno
    • ZMQ_EVENT_HANDSHAKE_SUCCEEDED, handshake was successful
    • ZMQ_EVENT_HANDSHAKE_FAILED_PROTOCOL, protocol errors between peers or server
      and ZAP handler. Returns one of ZMQ_PROTOCOL_ERROR_* - see manpage for list
    • ZMQ_EVENT_HANDSHAKE_FAILED_AUTH, failed authentication, returns ZAP status
      These events trigger when the ZMTP security mechanism handshake is
      completed or failed. See doc/zmq_socket_monitor.txt for more information.
  • New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) zmq_proxy_steerable command 'STATISTICS' to
    retrieve stats about the amount of messages and bytes sent and received by
    the proxy. See doc/zmq_proxy_steerable.txt for more information.

  • Add new autoconf --disable-libunwind option to stop building with libunwind
    even if it is available.

  • Add new autoconf --disable-Werror option to avoid building with the Werror

  • Use pkg-config as the first method for finding and building with external
    optional dependencies such as libnorm, libpgm and gssapi.

  • On Posix platform where the feature is available, name the ZMQ background
    threads to simplify debugging: "ZMQbg/<num_thread>"

  • Improve performance of zmq_poller_* (and zmq_poll and zmq_proxy when building
    with DRAFT APIs enabled).

  • The TCP unit tests have been refactored to bind and connect to random ports
    rather than hard-coded ones, to allow running tests in parallel.
    There are 6 exceptions where it is necessary to use an hard-coded port to
    test specific code paths that would not be exercised when binding to a
    wildcard port. These are listed in tests/testutil.hpp so that distributions
    can easily patch them if they wish to and so that they can be unique across
    all the tests, allowing parallel runs.
    The IPC unit tests have been changed as well to use unique socket file names
    per test, where before there were some clashes.

  • Fixed #2349 - fix building with libsodium when using CMake

  • Fixed #2334 - do not assert when tuning socket options fails due to network
    errors, but simply retry again when connecting or send a socket monitor
    ZMQ_EVENT_ACCEPT_FAILED event when binding

  • Fixed #2341 - fix source files path in VS2015 solution

  • Fixed #2344 - Note that on Windows with VS2012 it is mandatory to increase
    the default stack size to at least 2MB

  • Fixed #2348 - ZMQ_ROUTER send with ZMQ_ROUTER_MANDATORY can be stuck in case of
    network problem

  • Fixed #2358 - occasional abort on zmq_connect on Windows

  • Fixed #2370 - zmq_curve_keypair should return an error on failure rather
    than ignoring them and always returning 0

  • Fixed #2452 - __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS before precompiled headers causes VC++

  • Fixed #2457 - fix building with libsodium in Visual Studio solutions

  • Fixed #2466 - add const qualifier to internal and public API that does not
    modify parameters

  • Fixed #2471 - do more checks for OOM conditions when dynamic allocations is

  • Fixed #2476 - assertion causes abort after ZAP stop at shutdown

  • Fixed #2479 - improve zmq_poller performance on Windows

  • Fixed #2481 - potential memory leaks due to ZMTP handshake failures

  • Fixed #2531 - ZMQ_GSSAPI_PRINCIPAL sockopt has no effect on client side

  • Fixed #2535 - add BUILD_SHARED and BUILD_STATIC options to CMake, both on by
    default, to toggle shared and static library builds

  • Fixed #2537 - use SYSTEM_CLOCK on OSX and CLOCK_MONOTONIC elsewhere for
    internal timers to avoid races

  • Fixed #2540 - new zmq_poller used by zmq_poll without DRAFTs

  • Fixed #2552 - Fix WITH_DOC CMake build to avoid checking for asciidoc if the
    option is disabled

  • Fixed #2567 - Memory leak in REP socket handling

  • Fixed #2579 - Compilation issue on Windows with CMake + ninja

  • Fixed #2588 - SIGBUS under 64-bit SunOS Sparc

  • Fixed #2590 - crash when using ZMQ_IMMEDIATE and ZMQ_LINGER to non-zero

  • Fixed #2601 - XPUB_MANUAL subscriptions not removed on peer term

  • Fixed #2602 - intermittent memory leak for ZMQ_REQ/REP send/recv

  • Fixed #2608 - CURVE server (connect) fails when client rebinds

  • Fixed #2610 - print backtraces in mutual exclusion to avoid mixing
    different traces

  • Fixed #2621 - add missing CMake files to distributable tarball

  • Fixed #2630 - improve compatibility with OpenBSD w.r.t. IPV6_V6ONLY

  • Fixed #2638 - note in INSTALL that when using Windows builds on Linux with
    Wine it is necessary to increase the minimum TCP buffers

  • Fixed #2632 - Fix file descriptor leak when using Tweetnacl (internal NACL
    implementation) instead of Libsodium, and fix race condition when using
    multiple ZMQ contexts with Tweetnacl

  • Fixed #2681 - Possible buffer overflow in CURVE mechanism handshake.
    NOTE: this was protected by an assert previously, so there is no security

  • Fixed #2704 - test_sockopt_hwm fails occasionally on Windows

  • Fixed #2701 - pgm build via cmake doesn't link libzmq with libpgm

  • Fixed #2711 - ZAP handler communication errors should be handled consistently

  • Fixed #2723 - assertion in src\select.cpp:111 or hang on zmq_ctx_destroy on

  • Fixed #2728 - fix support O_CLOEXEC when building with CMake

  • Fixed #2761 - improve compatibility with TrueOS (FreeBSD 12)

  • Fixed #2764 - do not unlink IPC socket files when closing a socket to avoid
    race conditions

  • Fixed #2770 - support lcov 1.13 and newer

  • Fixed #2787 - add libiphlpapi to PKGCFG_LIBS_PRIVATE for static mingw builds

  • Fixed #2788 - document that adding -DZMQ_STATIC is required for Windows
    static builds with Mingw

  • Fixed #2789 - description of zmq_atomic_counter_value return value is cloned
    from zmq_atomic_counter_new

  • Fixed #2791 - fix building with DRAFT APIs on CentOS 6

  • Fixed #2794 - router_t methods should not allocate memory for lookup in

  • Fixed #2809 - optimize select() usage on Windows

  • Fixed #2816 - add CMake and autoconf check for accept4, as it is not
    available on old Linux releases, and fallback to accept + FD_CLOEXEC

  • Fixed #2824 - ZMQ_REQ socket does not report ZMQ_POLLOUT when ZMQ_REQ_RELAXED
    is set

  • Fixed #2827 - add support for Haiku

  • Fixed #2840 - fix building with VS2008

  • Fixed #2845 - correct the ZMQ_LINGER documentation to accurately reflect that
    the default value is -1 (infinite). It never was 30 second in any released
    version, it was only changed briefly and then changed back, but the manpage
    was not reverted.

  • Fixed #2861 - CMake/MSVC: export ZMQ_STATIC when needed.

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