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@zeta0134 zeta0134 released this Jan 25, 2019

This is a patch release of LuaGB, incorporating some major performance improvements from the community, as well as a small mix of bug fixes and one new feature. I've chosen to drop the alpha designation from this release, as at this point the emulator is reasonably stable and plays a wide variety of games correctly.

Notable Changes

  • Now targets Love 11.2
  • LuaJIT settings optimized for a rather hefty performance boost. Credit to @nico-abram, @TannerRogalsky and @meepen for the suggestions.
  • Less unpack, more FFI. Several small speed improvements from light code reorganization
  • Audio now routes through QueueableSource, greatly reducing skips, pops, and latency when running fullspeed
  • Proper support for General Purpose and HBlank DMA, needed by a few popular CGB games

A word of warning: I no longer have access to a Macintosh, so I can't test the OSX build. I'm providing it anyway in the hopes that it continues to be useful, but I can't give it any sort of seal of approval. Pull requests welcome if I've buggered it up in some way.

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@zeta0134 zeta0134 released this Apr 10, 2017

This is the first alpha release of LuaGB! This is a fully functional Gameboy (Color) emulator written in pure Lua. It remains not terribly fast but, I'm still fairly happy with the performance. I decided to release it in its current form to establish a stable base upon which to grow the project, and compare performance benchmarks to in the future. It is free of major bugs as far as I'm aware, though I can't test with every game ever made.

The release build uses the awesome Love2D framework to run the emulator on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux platforms. For Linux, you'll need love 0.10.2 installed, either from your distribution's repositories, or from source.

Check out the for detailed instructions. The tl;dr: click on the folder icon, copy your games into the folder that pops up, then restart the emulator. Press D for debug mode if you're adventurous.

Enjoy! Bug reports are welcome, screenshots especially so.

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