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Brewer's Log web application
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Brewer's log application

This is not a recipe designer software. It has no calculators (maybe except for some simplest ones, like ABV or SG/Plato conversion). It does not maintain any shopping lists, nor it does not provide any brewday timers. It has no concept of "inventory" or "predefined mash schedules", not to mention "equipment profile". Just enter your ingredients, describe process, add any remarks and collect all info on brew to create complete history of your brew: how it was brewed, how it tasted, how long it kept well, when went off. It is meant to be simple, fast and mobile friendly.

This application is a web service. Base implementation is located at author site which is open to public and may be freely tried and even used on daily basis. Be advised that this instance is an integration environment of some sort, its stability is not guaranteed and breaking changes may occur with short notice, sometimes only in Polish. I try to keep it in running condition because I use it daily. Well, at least during brewing season.

Project status and governance

This project is personal project of Jarek Zgoda and is done in free time. The author is actively employed in software industry and there may be periods of relative silence, but the project is actively maintained. Mind you this is not a community project yet and is not governed as such.

If you want to report security issue please see security policy document.

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