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Custom tabs, made easy.

Why custom tabs?

Chrome Custom Tabs provides a way for an application to customize and interact with a Chrome Activity on Android. This makes the web content feel like being a part of the application, while retaining the full functionality and performance of a complete web browser.


Chrome custom tabs with pre-loading vs. Chrome and WebView

Chrome custom tabs smooth the transition between apps and the web - Android Developers Blog

Google documentation on using custom tabs

Why this library?

Apart from the custom tabs support library, Google has also published a detailed sample (GoogleChrome/custom-tabs-client) for reference.

The Google sample included a CustomTabActivityHelper and some other utilities, which can be of great convenience for developers. However, manually integrating them is still tedious.

This library packaged those utility classes and service declaration for easy integration. Furthermore, a CustomTabsHelperFragment is added for managing the CustomTabActivityHelper with your activity life cycle automatically. Now you can enjoy the warm up boost within lines of code.

Sample APK



compile ''


To attach a CustomTabsHelperFragment to an activity:

private CustomTabsHelperFragment mCustomTabsHelperFragment;
protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    mCustomTabsHelperFragment = CustomTabsHelperFragment.attachTo(this);

Calling attachTo() for a fragment also works fine because the CustomTabsHelperFragment is always attached to the host activity. So in this way, you can call attachTo() whenever your fragment or activity itself needs to use custom tabs, thus managing custom tabs usage independently.

To hint for a likely URL:

mCustomTabsHelperFragment.mayLaunchUrl(YOUR_URI, null, null);

But it is likely that you need to wrap this call in a CustomTabsActivityHelper.ConnectionCallback just as in the sample app.

To open a URL with custom tabs:, mCustomTabsIntent, YOUR_URI, yourFallback);

A more detailed sample is available in the sample app's MainActivity.


Copyright 2015 Zhang Hai

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