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Tools for working with the Familinx dataset.


sql/: PostgreSQL scripts for importing the data from Familinx.

  • create_db.psql: Creates the profiles table
  • delete_db.psql: Deletes the profiles table
  • import_db.psql: Imports the database over the network. My database is in a virtual machine, you probably don't need it
  • create_index.psql: Creates an index over the Familinx table on birth/death year; slows down query to unusable; do not run
  • delete_index.psql: Deletes the index
  • export_ids_alive_during_1809.psql: Exports the IDs of everyone alive during 1809; the output is used by the filtering scripts
  • import_profile_ids_bfsout.psql: imports the node IDs output by into a table.
  • create_joined_table_bfsout.psql: Creates a new filtered table containing only the descendants that were output by and imported by the above script

process_output/: processes data exported from the Familinx database.

  •, takes a text file, sorts it, then pseudorandomly picks a percentage of the lines. The first script hardcodes it to one in twenty; the second script is configurable
  • takes the Familinx relations-anon.txt list of nodes and a list of nodes, and prints out all the descendants of those nodes.
  • formats the output of the psql scripts that dump the number of people alive per year.

generate_sql: scripts that generate PostgreSQL files for exporting data

  • outputs script that computes how many people are alive in any given year. Doesn't count currently alive people; used for 1800-1900
  • same as above, but takes currently alive people into account. Used for 1900-2010
  • combination of the two above scripts, used to process the one-in-twenty filtered data
  • same script as above, but with tweakable table name; used to process 1%, 10%, 15%, and 20% filtered data
  • combines import_profile_ids_bfsout.psql and create_joined_table_bfsout.psql for the 1/10/15/20% alternate ratio BFS output

graphtest: a sample family tree for testing, and scripts to graph the result.


Remove the first line (the field names) from profiles-anon.txt before importing into Postgres.


My code is licensed under the MIT license.

Data in the output/ directory is derived from the Familinx dataset and follows their license.