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Android Development Blogs
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Android Development Blogs

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Title Website URL Feed URL
Aditya Ladwa https://adityaladwa.wordpress.... https://adityaladwa.wordpress....
Advanced RxJava
Alessandro Crugnola
All for Android, Android for All
An Android Dev Blog
An Android Developer's Blog
Android Developer
Android Developers Blog
Android Hipster
Android Tips and Tricks
Angry Byte
Antonio Leiva
Brad Campbell
Carlos Sessa
Chris Banes
Christian Panadero
Codedependent http://graphics-geek.blogspot.... http://graphics-geek.blogspot....
Crushing C.O.D.E
Cyril Mottier
Dan Lew Codes
David Gonzalez
Donn Felker
Fernando Cejas
Flavien Laurent
Grafix Artist
Grokking Android
Ha Duy Trung's Blog
halfthought https://halfthought.wordpress.... http://halfthought.wordpress.c...
Hannes Dorfmann
Ian Field
Jake Wharton
Jeremie Martinez Blog
Jeroen Mols
Jim Baca
John Petitto
JPARDOGO on Medium
Karumi Blog
kaushik gopal's blog
Kirill Boyarshinov
Lucas Rocha
Material Design
Matt Logan
Michael Evans
Mirek Stanek online - Mobile, AI and coding
More Is Not Always Better
My life with Android :-) http://mylifewithandroid.blogs... http://mylifewithandroid.blogs...
My little Android warehouse
NimbleDroid Blog
no need to memorize
Omit needless code blog
Pablo Guardiola
Patryk Poborca on Medium
Porcupine Programmer
Public Object
Romain Guy http://www.curious-creature.or...
Ryan Harter
Saúl Molinero
Sebastiano Gottardo on Medium
Seb’s Top Tip
Square Island
Stef' on Medium
The Blerg
The Cheese Factory's Blog (English)
The CommonsBlog
The Corner
The Labs | Novoda
The Null Pointer
Tin Megali
Tony's Blog
Udi Cohen
Vincent Brison
Vishnu Rajeevan
Wires Are Obsolete
Yet Another [à compléter]
Yet Another Coder's Blog
zserge's blog
Łukasz Adamczak

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**Description [optional]:** Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

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