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@@ -9,8 +9,12 @@ Opensource knowledge base application for Teams.

<p align="center">
<a href=""><img src=""/></a>
<a href=""><img src="" /></a>
<a href="">
<img src=""/>
<a href="">
<img src="" />

## Introduction
@@ -40,13 +44,31 @@ There are spaces for every team, department or major project. Then employees can
* Search across the knowledge base
* ..and more

## Requirements
## Screenshots

* PHP 7.0+
* MySQL 5+
You can find some screenshots of the application in this following [link](

## Installation

You can use one of the following methods:

* [Docker](#docker)
* [Localhost](#localhost)

### Docker

composer create-project ziishaned/opus
cd opus
cp .env.dist .env
docker-compose up
docker-compose exec app php artisan key:generate
docker-compose exec app php artisan migrate
docker run -v "$PWD":/var/www/ opus_app /usr/local/bin/composer install

### Localhost

- Run the below command in your terminal:
composer create-project ziishaned/opus
@@ -69,50 +91,12 @@ There are spaces for every team, department or major project. Then employees can
php artisan db:seed

## Todo

- [x] ~~Access Control~~
- [x] ~~Create and Update User Roles~~
- [x] ~~Create User Roles~~
- [x] ~~Assign Roles to Employees~~
- [x] ~~Invite employees by email~~
- [x] ~~Wikis~~
- [x] ~~Create Spaces (Group of Wikis)~~
- [x] ~~Create Wikis inside Spaces~~
- [x] ~~Update and Delete Wikis~~
- [x] ~~Create Pages inside Wikis~~
- [x] ~~Syntax Highlighting for Code~~
- [x] ~~Update and Delete Pages~~
- [x] ~~Hierarchical Page Trees~~
- [x] ~~Rearrange Pages in Wikis~~
- [x] ~~Mark Pages as Favorite~~
- [x] ~~Leave Comments~~
- [x] ~~Mention Team Members~~
- [x] ~~Add Emojis~~
- [x] ~~Watch Wikis to get notified for updates~~
- [x] ~~Save pages in Read List (Like Watch Later in Youtube)~~
- [x] ~~Add Tags to Pages~~
- [x] ~~List all Pages available in a tag~~
- [x] ~~Team Dashboard (Monitor Team Activity)~~
- [x] ~~User Dashboard (Monitor User Activity)~~
- [x] ~~Export Documents~~
- [x] ~~Export Page as PDF~~
- [x] ~~Export Page as MS Word File~~
- [x] ~~Notifications~~
- [x] ~~Add slack integration in team~~
- [x] ~~Notify on slack~~
- [x] ~~In-app Notification balloon~~
- [x] ~~Mentioned in comment notifications~~
- [x] ~~Global Search~~
- [ ] Responsive
- [x] ~~Upload demo somewhere~~

## Contribution
## Contributions

* Report issues
* Open pull request to **DEV BRANCH** with improvements
* Spread the word
* Reach out to me directly at or on twitter [@ziishaned](

## License

The license holder is allowed to use the software for free, as long as they don't make money using it. [Read more in License](

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