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RQL is a simple, composable query language that's easy to read and write, without being ambiguous.

Operators, comparators, and functions all take the form expressionName(operand, ...). Operands may also be expressions, allowing you to nest as deeply as necessary.


In SQL, the above would be

[...] WHERE my_column=12 OR (my_column > 20 AND my_column < 30)


name usage description
eq eq(value, value) Test equality.
neq neq(value, value) Test inequality.
and and(value, value) Logical and.
or or(value, value) Logical or.
not not(value) Logical not.
lt lt(value, value) Less than comparison.
gt gt(value, value) Greater than comparison.
le le(value, value) Less than or equals comparison.
ge ge(value, value) Greater than or equals comparison.
in in(col, (1,2,3)) Check if value is one of a series.


name usage description
string eq(value, "string") String literal data type.
numeric neq(value, -12.123) Numeric literal data type.
boolean and(value, true) Boolean literal data type.
null or(value, null) Null literal data type.
identifier not(my_col) Identifier literal data type.


name usage description
ExpressionList (val,val,val,[...]) Collects a list of values and presents them as a single value.


import (

  goquadapter ""
  rql ""

func main() {
  rqlString := `eq(id,12)`
  ast, err := rql.New("root").Parse(rqlString)
  if err != nil {
    fmt.Printf("Error parsing RQL: %s", err)

  ex := goquadapter.ToGoqu(ast)
  fmt.Printf("%+v", ex)
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