CQRS & event sourcing framework for Ruby
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Sequent is a CQRS and event sourcing framework written in Ruby.

Getting started

See the official site at https://www.sequent.io/

New to Sequent? Getting Started is the place to be!


Fork and send pull requests


See the official site at https://www.sequent.io/

Want to help improve the documentation? Please let us know how we can improve by creating an issue

If you want to help write the documentation fork and send pull request.

You can start the documentation locally via:

cd docs
bundle install
bundle exec jekyll serve

Open localhost:4000


Change the version in lib/version.rb. Commit this change.

Then run rake release. A git tag will be created and pushed, and the new version of the gem will be pushed to rubygems.

Running the specs

If you wish to make changes to the sequent gem you can use rake spec to run the tests. Before doing so you need to create a postgres user and database first:

createuser -D -s -R sequent
createdb sequent_spec_db -O sequent
bundle exec rake db:create

The data in this database is deleted every time you run the specs!


The most notable changes can be found in the Changelog


Sequent is released under the MIT License.