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Sets a custom terminal title.


The default terminal title format is %n@%m: %~, which corresponds to username@host: /path/to/working/directory.

You can set your format using prompt expansion escape sequences. The following example sets the format to show the current directory name:

zstyle ':zim:termtitle' format '%1~'

Apple Terminal does not support the above, but a working directory escape sequence which is sent instead.

By default, the terminal title is updated before each prompt. The hooks to be used can be customized with the zstyle below. For example, to have the title updated when a command is about to be executed and also before each prompt:

zstyle ':zim:termtitle' hooks 'preexec' 'precmd'

A custom title format can be set for each separate hook using the following syntax:

zstyle ':zim:termtitle:<hook>' format '<format>'

For example, to set the titles to show the command name typed by the user while the command is being executed and then the current directory name after the command ended (i.e. before each prompt):

zstyle ':zim:termtitle' hooks 'preexec' 'precmd'
zstyle ':zim:termtitle:preexec' format '${${(A)=1}[1]}'
zstyle ':zim:termtitle:precmd'  format '%1~'

Add the zstyles to your ~/.zshrc. Make sure you add them before where the module is initialized.