Modern charting library for JavaScript

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  1. ZingChart

    A declarative, efficient, and simple JavaScript library for building responsive charts

    JavaScript 190 36

  2. ZingChart-AngularJS

    ZingChart AngularJS Directive

    JavaScript 82 15

  3. ZingChart-Demos

    A collection of tutorials and demos for using ZingChart. Clone, fork, and get started with the best Javascript charting library.

    19 13

  4. zingtouch

    A JavaScript touch gesture detection library for the modern web

    JavaScript 1.7k 122

  5. ZingChart-React

    Quickly create dynamic JavaScript charts with ZingChart & React.

    JavaScript 75 15

  6. ZingChart-jQuery

    Easy ZingChart manipulation and interactivity for jQuery users.

    JavaScript 44 16

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