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A companion IntelliJ IDEA plugin for the ZIO library ecosystem.


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ZIO companion plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

Project stage

Provides inspections, refactorings, and other improvements to the ZIO library ecosystem users in IntelliJ IDEA.


The plugin is now available on the JetBrains Plugin Marketplace.

Supported versions

A note about support: this plugin is maintained for the last two IntelliJ IDEA versions. When a new IDEA is released, the oldest supported version will stop getting new features (except critical bug fixes).

To continue enjoying new features, please upgrade to the latest available IntellJ version!


The plugin has several powerful features for ZIO:

Test runner support

You can run individual ZIO tests or the whole specs from IDEA:

And view the results in the integrated runner:

Refactorings and inspections

Don't want to type out the full type signature? Choose a more specific one:


Suggestions to simplify complex expressions using built-in ZIO combinators:

And many more features!


Like what you see? Help improve this plugin by submitting issues and ideas!

Have questions? We're waiting for you at #zio-intellij on the ZIO Discord!


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