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A Python implementation of provides a hook point to easily allow you to emit events to browsers from anywhere so communicates with servers through redis.

We made some changes, compatible 0.2.0 and 0.1.4.

How to use

Install via pip

pip install
from socket_io_emitter import Emitter

io=Emitter({'host': 'localhost', 'port':6379})
io.Emit('broadcast event','Hello from')



The following options are allowed:

  • client: is a redis-py compatible client
    This argument is optional.
  • key: the name of the key to pub/sub events on as prefix (
  • host: host to connect to redis on (localhost)
  • port: port to connect to redis on (6379)

If you don't want to supply a redis client object, and want to initialize one for you, make sure to supply the host and port options.

Specifies a specific room that you want to emit to.


io=Emitter({'host': 'localhost', 'port':6379})
io.In("room-name").Emit("news","Hello from python emitter");


io=Emitter({'host': 'localhost', 'port':6379})

io.To("room-name").Emit("news","Hello from python emitter");

We are flattening the room parameter from [] and *argv, so you can also send to several rooms like this (both examples are valid).

io=Emitter({'host': 'localhost', 'port':6379})

io.To(["room1", "room2"]).Emit("news","Hello from python emitter");
io.To("room1", "room2").Emit("news","Hello from python emitter");


Specifies a specific namespace that you want to emit to.

io=Emitter({'host': 'localhost', 'port':6379})

io.Of("/nsp").In("room-name").Emit("news","Hello from python emitter");

Open Source Projects in Use

@ziλasal & @abdullahselek

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