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[emacs] another incremental search command, compatible with “multiple-cursors”
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another incremental search & replace, compatible with “multiple-cursors”




Require this script

(require 'phi-search)

then command “phi-search” and “phi-search-backward” are available. You may bind a key to the command.

(global-set-key (kbd "C-s") 'phi-search)
(global-set-key (kbd "C-r") 'phi-search-backward)

While searching, following commands are available.

  • [C-s] phi-search-again-or-next

    Move to the next matching item. If query is blank, use the last query.

  • [C-r] phi-search-again-or-previous

    Similar to phi-search-again-or-next, but move to the previous item.

  • [C-v] phi-search-scroll-up

    Scroll the target window up, to check candidates.

  • [M-v] phi-search-scroll-down

    Scroll the target window down.

  • [C-l] phi-search-recenter

    Recenter the target window.

  • [C-w] phi-search-yank-word

    Expand query by yanking one word from the target buffer.

  • [RET] phi-search-complete

    Finish searching.

  • [C-RET] phi-search-complete-at-beginning

    Finish searching at the beginning of the match.

  • [C-c C-c] phi-search-unlimit

    Force update results regardless of “phi-search-limit”

  • [C-g] phi-search-abort

    Finish searching, and move back to the original position.

Working with Regions

(in following examples, assume “[” as mark, and “|” as point)

When phi-search is called with an active region, then the substring is used as the default query.

[region| another region   |region another region   region another |region
_______________________   ______________________   ______________________
                          query: region            query: region

Or, if phi-search is called with an active mark but no region there, mark stays active until phi-search ends. So you may use this command to expand region.

[|mark me !   [|mark me !   [mark |me !
___________   ___________   ___________
              query:        query: me

Working with multiple-cursors.el

phi-search is available even when multiple-cursors-mode is active. Here are some examples.

|foo bar baz   |foo bar baz   foo bar |baz
|foo bar baz   |foo bar baz   foo bar |baz
____________   ____________   ____________
               query:         query: baz
[|mark us !                 [|mark us !                 [mark |us !
[|mark us with a region !   [|mark us with a region !   [mark |us with a region !
_________________________   _________________________   _________________________
                            query:                      query: us
[foo| ABC foo       |foo ABC foo       foo ABC |foo
[bar| EFGHIJK bar   |bar EFGHIJK bar   bar EFGHIJK |bar
_________________   ________________   ________________
                    query: foo         query: foo


“phi-replace” and “phi-replace-query” in “phi-replace.el” are interactive replace commands, that use the same interface as “phi-search”.


To use these commands, require

(require 'phi-replace)

and bind a key.

(global-set-key (kbd "M-%") 'phi-replace-query)

Keybinds are basically the same as phi-search, by default.



You may change keybindings by changing “phi-search-default-map”.

(define-key phi-search-default-map (kbd "<") 'phi-search-again-or-previous)
(define-key phi-search-default-map (kbd ">") 'phi-search-again-or-next)

This will affect all commands based on phi-search. If you want to add commands only for a specific command, you may use variables below.

the phi-search common keymap
list of (KEY . COMMAND) used in “phi-search(-backward)” command
list of (KEY . COMMAND) used in “phi-replace(-query)” command
(push '((kbd "<app>") . 'phi-search-complete-at-beginning)


You may change limit of search by setting “phi-search-limit”, and case-sensitivity by “phi-search(replace)-case-sensitive”.

(setq phi-search-limit           10000
      phi-search-case-sensitive  t)

You may also set “phi-search-case-sensitive” to ‘guess, to make phi-search case sensitive only when some upcase letters are in the query.


Hooks “phi-search-init-hook” and “phi-replace-init-hook” are hooks run after initializing the minibuffer.


Matching items are propertized with “phi-search-match-face”, and the selected item is propertized with “phi-search-selection-face”. If they look not pretty in your colorscheme, you may modify them.

(set-face-attribute 'phi-search-selection-face nil
                    :background "orange")


This command uses “multiple-cursors” variables and behavior that are not documented. Therefore, after you update “multiple-cursors”, it is good idea to test if this command works still correctly, before you actually use this command.

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