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Links Awakening DX Disassembly

Disassembly of one of my favorite games. Taking it easy for now.

It builds the following ROMs:

  • azlj.gbc (Japanese, v1.0) md5: f75874e3654360094fc2b09bd1fed7e8
  • azlj-r1.gbc (Japanese, v1.1) md5: 6d8f9cd72201caabdfd0455a819af9ce
  • azlj-r2.gbc (Japanese, v1.2) md5: 2e2596c008d47df901394d28f5bd66ec
  • azle.gbc (English, v1.0) md5: 07c211479386825042efb4ad31bb525f
  • azle-r1.gbc (English, v1.1) md5: ccbb56212e3dbaa9007d389a17e9d075
  • azle-r2.gbc (English, v1.2) md5: 7351daa3c0a91d8f6fe2fbcca6182478
  • azlg.gbc (German, v1.0) md5: e91fd46e7092d32ca264f21853f09539
  • azlg-r1.gbc (German, v1.1) md5: b0080c2f1919a4bb0ea73b788f4a6786
  • azlf.gbc (French, v1.0) md5: 1043fd167d0ed9c4094e3c9d8e757f1e
  • azlf-r1.gbc (French, v1.1) md5: 68242187b65166b5f8225b20e2021659

Additionally, a wiki includes a high-level overview of the game engine, and technical informations on the data formats used throughout the game.


  1. Install Python 3 and rgbds (version >= 0.5.0 required);
  2. make all.

This will build both the games and their debug symbols. Once built, use BGB to load the debug symbols into the debugger.

How to contribute

  1. Fork this repository;
  2. Find a little piece of code to improve:
  • Maybe a typo, a missing constant, an obvious label that could be renamed;
  • Or start following a thread (Link's animations? The island fade-out special effect? Trading items constants?) and document some details along your read;
  • You can also look at the known improvements – especially good first issues;
  1. Submit a pull request.

Having questions, or do you need help? Join the discussion on Discord. You can also read disassembling How-Tos in the Wiki, for some infos about the tools and disassembling processes.



Thanks to these people for contributing:

(See contribution details here)