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Ssh connection manager
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SSH connection and aliases manager with curses and command line interface

sshch is released under DWTWL 2.55 license

sshch compatible with pyhon2 and python3, no additional libraries are required




You can install a release version from pip:

pip install sshch

Manual installation from the package or git repository also available:

To install for all users:

sudo python install

To install just for current user:

mkdir ~/.local/bin
cp sshch/sshch ~/.local/bin/


To run curses interface:


To run command line help:

sshch -h

For exit from current ssh session press Ctrl+D.

Additional Features

  • If you want to use unsafe 'password' feature you must install sshpass first.
  • If you want to use bash autocompletion function with sshch, copy autocompletion script to /etc/bash_completion.d/:
sudo cp completion/ /etc/bash_completion.d/sshch

(changes will come into effect with new bash session)

  • If you want to use zsh autocompletion:
  1. Place File in a Directory where ZSH can find it

    -> Search Path is Stored in $fpath

    -> echo $fpath

  2. Rename File to '_sshch'

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