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git pull github master
Go into ~/.config/fish and add this repository, then pull. This will add the scripts in this projects for you to use.
+h2. Customization
+Since this repository is intended to replace your ~/.config/fish directory, you should keep your local customizations local - since they are probably of little use to other users.
+The package provides some files you may customize:
+* ~/.config/fish/(username).fish: Here you can place custom settings for your current user. This file will be loaded when you start fish
+* ~/.config/fish/(machine name).fish: If you use the same repository on several machines, you may place custom settings for each machine in this file. For instance, if you have two machines: foo and bar, will be loaded on foo and on bar.
+* ~/.config/fish/(platform).fish: This file is version controlled and keeps platform specific functions. Feel free to contribute functions for your favorite OS here
+If you contribute custom functions that you wish to share, please verify that these are not loaded on platforms that don't support them.

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