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UC2: Universal Cross-lingual Cross-modal Vision-and-Language Pre-training
Mingyang Zhou, Luowei Zhou, Shuohang Wang, Yu Cheng, Linjie Li, Zhou Yu, Jingjing Liu
This is the official repository of UC2, a multili-lingual multi-modal pre-training framefork. In this repository we support end-to-end pretraining and finetuning for image-text retrieval on COCO.


We Provide a Docker image to run our code. Please install the following:

To run the docker command without sudo, user need to have docker group membership. Our code only supports Linux with NVIDIA GPUs. We test our code on Ubuntu 18.04 and V100 cards.

Data and Pretrained Checkpoints

Download the pre-processed text features and pretrained checkpoints with the following command:


The image features for mscoco can be obtained from UNITER via this code script. As CC's image features are large and inconvient for direct downloading, please contact UNITER's author to obtain the image features if you are interested in pretraining.

The text translation of CC captions for pre-training purpose can be also found here:

Launch the Docker Container for Experiments

Once the user set up the data and checkpoints properly, please run the following command to launch a docker container and start the pretraining process.

source /PATH_TO_STORAGE/txt_db /PATH_TO_STORAGE/img_db /PATH_TO_STORAGE/finetune /PATH_TO_STORAG/pretrain


(Inside the Docker Container)If the user wants to run pretraining, please use the following command:

horovodrun -np $N_GPU python  --config config/uc2_pretrain.json

Downstream Task Finetuning

Text-to-Image Retrieval To run the finetuning experiment for the text-to-image retrieval task, please use the following command:

horovodrun -np $N_GPU python --config config/uc2_mscoco_itm.json


If you find this code useful for your research, please consider citing:

author = {Zhou, Mingyang and Zhou, Luowei and Wang, Shuohang and Cheng, Yu and Li, Linjie and Yu, Zhou and Liu, Jingjing},
title = {UC2: Universal Cross-lingual Cross-modal Vision-and-Language Pre-training},
booktitle = {IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 2021)},
year = {2021},
month = {June},
abstract = {Vision-and-language pre-training has achieved impressive success in learning multimodal representations between vision and language. To generalize this success to non-English languages, we introduce UC2 , the first machine translation-augmented framework for cross-lingual cross-modal representation learning. To tackle the scarcity problem of multilingual captions for image datasets, we first augment existing English-only datasets with other languages via machine translation (MT). Then we extend the standard Masked Language Modeling and Image-Text Matching training objectives to multilingual setting, where alignment between different languages is captured through shared visual context (i.e., using image as pivot). To facilitate the learning of a joint embedding space of images and all languages of interest, we further propose two novel pre-training tasks, namely Masked Region-to-Token Modeling (MRTM) and Visual Translation Language Modeling (VTLM), leveraging MT-enhanced translated data. Evaluation on multilingual image-text retrieval and multilingual visual question answering benchmarks demonstrates that our proposed framework achieves new state of the art on diverse non-English benchmarks while maintaining comparable performance to monolingual pre-trained models on English tasks.},
url = {},


Our code is mainly based on Linjie Li and Yen-Chun Chen's project UNITER. We thank the author for opening source their code and providing helful discussion for code implementation. Portions of the code also uses resources from transformers.




CVPR 2021 Official Pytorch Code for UC2: Universal Cross-lingual Cross-modal Vision-and-Language Pre-training







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