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Fix dependencies between modpython parts.

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1 parent 289cfa5 commit 9e33e4bf5968f85a86f6541ae8d6b40ce61e7c27 Alexey Sokolov committed with kylef Aug 13, 2011
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@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ modpython_all: modpython/ modpython/swigpyrun.h modpython/znc.pyc mo
modpython_all: $(addsuffix c, $(notdir $(wildcard $(srcdir)/*.py)))
modpython/ modpython/
-modpython/ modpython/_znc_core.cpp Makefile modpython/functions.cpp
+modpython/ modpython/_znc_core.cpp Makefile
@mkdir -p modpython
@mkdir -p .depend
$(E) Building ZNC python bindings library...
@@ -50,7 +50,8 @@ modpython/_znc_core.cpp: modpython/modpython.i Makefile
@mkdir -p .depend
$(Q)$(SWIG) -python -py3 -c++ -shadow -outdir modpython -I$(srcdir) -MMD -MF .depend/modpython.swig.dep -w362,315,401 -o $@ $<
-modpython/functions.cpp: modpython/ modpython/functions.cpp
+modpython/functions.cpp: modpython/ modpython/
@mkdir -p modpython
$(Q)$(PERL) $(srcdir)/modpython/ $< $@

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